The Dutch name of this website is "Aard'ige Garens". Aardig means nice in Dutch, but also comes from the earth. For this webshop it is therefore the last meaning, coming from the earth. Loosely translated into English, this webshop calls "Earthy yarns".

Earthy Yarns is all about knitting and crocheting.

1. Durable. Vegetable yarn.
2. Handicraft. Re-creative! Creating miracles. Harvest admiration.

  • Buy wool creations to soften your world.

Knitting is a fascinating form of relaxation, which can even be a kind of meditation because of the rhythmic movements. Your focus is on the wool and the needles, so that stress and other thoughts disappear into the background and you experience a zen feeling that makes you feel the peace flowing through every vein. The beautiful wearable results are of course an extra treasure to cherish literally and figuratively.

  • Knit to order.

Earthy Yarns is also a workshop where wool dreams can come true. Would you like a unique piece made to measure or in certain colours? Please contact us so that your knitting wish can be realised.

  • Lize still wants to knit many more stories.

Knitting patterns will be written in the future.

You also step into the soft world of Earthy Yarns, don't you?
Step inside, marvel at the wonders of yarn.

New in our online shop

  • Bookazine 11 Macro Botanica
    Bookazine 11 Macro Botanica

    Scheepjes Bookazine YARN 11 Macro Botanica is all about the fascinating world of botany viewed through a macro lens. 16 unique crochet and knitting patterns for the spring and summer season pay tribute to these fascinating…

    € 9,95
  • Bookazine 12 Romance
    Bookazine 12 Romance

    Fall in love with the Romantic era and immerse yourself in an infinite love for nature, the feminine form and meticulous details. YARN Bookazine 12 Romance pays tribute to the artists and muses of the 19th century Pre-Raphaelites…

    € 9,95
  • Scheepjes Sunkissed Rock Pool (001)
    Scheepjes Sunkissed Rock Pool (001)

    Scheepjes Sunkissed is a cotton yarn with a natural tone-on-tone color gradient and a natural appearance. This gives a nice effect in both crochet and knitting projects. The carefully composed color palette contains beautiful and…

    € 3,40
  • Scheepjes Skies Light Cirrocumulus (109)
    Scheepjes Skies Light Cirrocumulus (109)

    Scheepjes SKIES is made of premium cotton that feels very soft. The colors are named after cloud formations, from the pale blue of a sunny day to the swirling green of a stormy sky.

    Knitting or crocheting with a 3 mm needle gives…

    € 7,95
  • Scheepjes Organicon Ashen Mink (201)
    Scheepjes Organicon Ashen Mink (201)

    Knit the softest clothes, cuddly toys and accessories with this 100% organic cotton.
    The entire chain of this Scheepjes Organicon, from harvesting the raw materials to packaging and distribution, meets the strict requirements for…

    € 3,60
  • Scheepjes Mighty Ice (750)
    Scheepjes Mighty Ice (750)

    Scheepjes Mighty is ideal for making natural home accessories and bags. The yarn has a coarser style and eco flair with a lot of texture. Mighty exists in a neutral color but also solid earth tones, two-tone twined colors and two…

    € 3,35



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