About me

I'm Lize Lorent, a creative thirty-something, mainly working with wool and knitting awls and occasionally with
crochet hooks. Kessel-Lo is my home base. I appreciate local aspects, but have a global mindset.

World softener.

I want to make something and hit it in the right way. I design handmade colorful knitting to
to make the world more beautiful and softer.

World improver.

I think it "makes sense" to contribute to a better environment by bringing home-knitted bags
take to the store. I consciously choose my environment and avoid plastic as much as possible.

I eat vegetarian regularly and often choose my work in the philosophy of veganism by wearing scarves
designing yarn made from bamboo, cotton or linen as an alternative to animal fur.
Vegetable yarns give much less chance of skin irritations instead of the chemical
produced synthetic fibers.

Buy wool creations to soften your world.

Knitting is a fascinating form of relaxation, which can even be a kind of meditation because of the rhythmic movements. Your focus is on the wool and the needles, so that stress and other thoughts disappear into the background and you experience a zen feeling that makes you feel the peace flowing through every vein. The beautiful wearable results are of course an extra treasure to cherish literally and figuratively.​

You also step into the soft world of Aard'ige Yarns, right?
Step inside, marvel at the wonders of yarn.



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